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What We Used To Eat, Yeah? — Chef's Tasting Menu

  • Botanist Bar PDX 1300 NW Lovejoy St Portland United States (map)

We had to feed ourselves before all this colonization business. Before all the Fusion fads and the "international" flair, we just cooked what we had.

Seems like as good a time as any to feature the food of Portland's own suave cocinero, Chef Felix Morales. Made from the fine stock of Mexico City, with little dashes of Florida and the Pacific Northwest, Chef Felix plans to share a few memories of the cuisine he cut his teeth on.

Emphasizing the "Old" way of doing things and capturing moments as flavors, join Botanist for a taste of What We Used To Eat, Yeah?

Nopales, Heirloom Tomato, Queso Fresco, Herbs

Aqua Chile

Shrimp, Cucumber, Onion, Tomatillo, Cilantro

Pan con Puerco

Mole, Grilled Vegetables, Pan Bole

Fraises el Viejo Papi
Custard, Strawberry, Crema, Cinnamon Crisp